This is a blog about my journey towards financial independence/retiring early in Australia, with the aim of continuing to earn a high passive income after attaining FIRE. Many blogs in this sphere are focussed on financial independence through extreme savings and a fairly lean income at retirement, and are often directed towards those with a low to average income during working life. Those blogs are still great and that style of FIRE is completely valid! However my aim as a higher income earner is to try to attain financial independence while enjoying the journey there, as well as setting myself up for a very comfortable life after retiring from work – sometimes referred to as FatFIRE, though I prefer the healthier sounding term coined by Aussie HIFIRE. This blog therefore will be about my journey towards this goal – and the optimisation to my lifestyle that will still be necessary to achieve it!

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor or an accountant, so anything written in this blog is either of a general nature or is specific to my situation/perspective. Make sure to do your own research, and where appropriate seek the advice of a professional.

Latest from the Blog

Income sustainability?

As the COVID vaccine rollout starts to occur across Australia, I’ve been finding myself reflecting a lot on the sustainability of income in my job. While I am looking forward to being able to participate in this national vaccination program from a public health perspective, I find myself quite disheartened at how little the governmentContinue reading “Income sustainability?”

Family Trusts Part 4: The End

Some final closing notes about trusts – this is the post about how trusts get passed on and inherited when you’re gone. Your family trust does not form part of your estate when you die – your will doesn’t control what happens to the trust afterwards. Instead, the trust follows the rules/guidelines outline in yourContinue reading “Family Trusts Part 4: The End”

Update: January 2021

New year is off to a good start – mediocre returns in the market for January, but I did have fairly low expenses and managed a good savings rate overall. Net worth total at the end of January 2021: $587,479Increased since last month: $16,705 or percentage-wise 2.9%Total assets minus estimated tax owing: $508,340Progress towards targetContinue reading “Update: January 2021”

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