This is a blog about my journey towards financial independence/retiring early in Australia, with the aim of continuing to earn a high passive income after attaining FIRE. Many blogs in this sphere are focussed on financial independence through extreme savings and a fairly lean income at retirement, and are often directed towards those with a low to average income during working life. Those blogs are still great and that style of FIRE is completely valid! However my aim as a higher income earner is to try to attain financial independence while enjoying the journey there, as well as setting myself up for a very comfortable life after retiring from work – sometimes referred to as FatFIRE, though I prefer the healthier sounding term coined by Aussie HIFIRE. This blog therefore will be about my journey towards this goal – and the optimisation to my lifestyle that will still be necessary to achieve it!

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor or an accountant, so anything written in this blog is either of a general nature or is specific to my situation/perspective. Make sure to do your own research, and where appropriate seek the advice of a professional.

Latest from the Blog

Optimising the Barefoot Steps

The Barefoot Investor was the first finance book I ever read, a good year before I learned about the FIRE movement. At that stage, I had just bought my investment property, having been urged into the ‘property is king’ mentality by my friends and family, and I hadn’t even considered shares as an investment asContinue reading “Optimising the Barefoot Steps”

Journey so far!

I started learning about FIRE about 2 years ago, but have always been relatively conscious of my money and my spending before that. My progress chart below is really more of an estimate prior to December 2017, as I didn’t actively start tracking my spending and my net worth until then. I started the countContinue reading “Journey so far!”


Why is it so important to try to become financially independent and retire early? What’s so bad about working that I want to stop when I’m not even 30 yet? Won’t I just get bored if I’m not working? THE VALUE OF TIME First of all, I do enjoy my job. For the most partContinue reading “Why FIRE?”

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